Топик по английскому "About myself".

Топик по английскому "About myself".

Let me introduce myself. My name is Misha. I’m seventeen years old. I am Russian. I was born on April, 1990 in Moscow.

My favorite subject at school is English. My teacher encourages me in my desire to learn this language.

Our family is not large. I have got a father, a mother and a brother. We live in a block of flats in Moscow.

My father’s full name is Alexander Sergeyevich. He is an engineer. He likes his work and spends most of his time there. My father is a tall man with black hair and grey eyes.

My mother’s name is Ann. She is a pleasant-looking woman of about fourty. My mother is energetic and talkative. She is a teacher of music in my school. My mother always has a lot of work to do about the house. I believe she is a keen housewife.

My brother’s name is Peter. He is a student of the philological faculty of the University. He is clever and hard-working person. He often goes away for camping and hiking with his friends.

Our family is very united. We like to spend time together. In the evenings we like to discuss the events of the day.

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