Топик по английскому «My flat».
Топик по английскому «My flat».

We have a nice flat in a new block of flats. Our flat is on the fifth floor. It has all modern conveniences: central heating, gas, electricity, cold and hot water. There are three rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hall in our flat.

The living-room is the largest and most comfortable room in the flat. There is not much furniture there, but it is very nice. There are many pot-plants in our flat and some lovely paintings.

The bedroom is smaller than the living-room. In this room there are two beds with a bedside-table between them. An alarm-clock and a small lamp are on the table. In the left-hand corner there is a dressing-table with a big mirror. In this room we have a built-in wardrobe with coat-hangers to hang clothes on. There is a thick carpet on the floor and light-brown curtains on the window.

The third room is my study. It is not large but very cosy. There isn't much furniture in it. It has a table and a big armchair. In the right-hand corner there is a bookcase full of books, magazines and newspapers. A small table with a radio is standing in the left-hand corner. In my opinion, the study is the best room in our flat.

 But the warmest place in our flat is the kitchen, I think it is the place where the whole family gathers every evening not only to have supper together, but also to speak and rest.  I like my flat very much!

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