Топик по английскому "London".

Топик по английскому "London". 

London is  the capital of Great Britain. It is situated on the Thames River. It is political, economic and commercial centre. The city is very old. It has more than 20 centuries old history.

Traditionally it is divided into four parts: the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End.

The City is the business and commercial heart of Lon-don. Many banks, offices and firms are concentrated there. The Tower and St. Paul's Cathedral are in the centre. The Tower is about 900 years old. Many years ago it was a royal residence, then a prison. Now it is a museum. St. Paul's Cathedral is very large and fine. It was completed in 1710. The famous English architect Christopher Wren planned and built St. Paul's Cathedral.

Westminster is the centre of administration. We can see the Houses of Parliament there. Westminster Abbey is opposite the Houses of Parliament. Many great Englishmen were buried in Westminster Abbey. To the west of Westminster Abbey you can see Buckingham Palace.

Rich people live in the West End. The best and most expensive clubs, restaurants and theatres, beautiful houses and parks are there.

The East End — the district of plants, factories, slums and docks — is for the working people.

London is a great city!

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